Hymn to Our Lady Of Aberdeen

Our Lady of Good Succour,
we raise our thoughts to thee,
where the Don flows down the valley
to greet the silverDee.
Help us to foster bravely,
amid this beauteous scene, a faith
both deep and loving,
Our Lady of Aberdeen.

Our Lady of Good Succour,
in the counrty saints have trod,
Saint John the brave confessor
laid down his life for God;
with the zeal of great Columba
and margaret, saint and queen,
inspire anew thy children,
Our lady of Aberdeen.

Our Lady of Good Succour,
may the love of God enfold,
our people, and surround them
with gifts of grace untold.
May a brighter dawn be breaking,
and a fairer hope be seen
for our city and our nation,
Our Lady of Aberdeen.

Our Lady of Good Succour,
once bt this comely shore
men looked to thy protection
and favours would implore.
To serve thy Son still guide us,
O patroness serene;
for Scotland is thy kingdom,
Our lady fo Aberdeen.

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