The Golden Jubilee

On the 9th July 2013 and on the Feast of Our lady of Aberdeen we at the parish celebrated our 50 years in Kincorth. This is always a land mark in anyones life including the church. With such a special occasion the parish started to raise money for the expenses some two years before by putting their pennies etc into a bottle known as the Golden Jubilee Bottle. As a result of this endeavour we raised over £1000 which we were able to spend on food and entertainment. Of course the church had to have a make over and in my rashness with the closure of Nazareth House and the Chapel I decided to go to the auction for interest sake and to try and bid for a statue Mary Queen of Heaven. We were successful but what was more incredible we even came away with the Alter both these items cost us £272.00.

The Alter is marble and the weight is about one ton so we had to re-enforce the sanctuary and I said to myself what have I done, we have an alter which is going to cost a fortune to installed but thank to the generosity of a parishioner it was paid for by their donation and the old alter is at the vestibule of the church with Mary Queen of Heaven seen as you enter the church. Please see the photographs in the gallery called "Getting it Together".

On the day the sun was shining the weather hot which compared to the last 5 years was a miracle, we had the Minister from the neighbouring Parish of South St Nicholas, all the hospital Chaplains which I work with at the Hospitals which I am involved with and it was a great honour to have the Rt. Rev Peter Moran Emeritus Bishop of Aberdeen to preside along with those priest who had been parish priest of the parish before me. Please see Photographs on Gallery Golden Jubilee.

Yes we have came to a milestone in the life the parish but as it expands daily with new house and communities we have a lot of work still to do. A new 50 years is upon us and God willing and with the help of the Holy Spirit we will grow in the knowledge that what we do is for the Glory of God.

Fr. George

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