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On this page we ask you to pray for the sick of the parish, those who have passed from this world to eternal life and other crises that face our world.

The Sick

Please pray for Orland Afounda, Divine, Beatrice Duncan, Margaret Slowey . For your own family and friend who are sick at this time. Those in hospital suffering from their illness be it physical or mental. Pray for those who are suffering drug addiction or any form of addiction.

Those who have died

Family and friends, those who's anniversary's occur at this time. Those who have died from war and conflict. Those who have died from famine and hunger, parishioners that have gone before us.

The Poor and Oppressed

Those suffering from poverty which is inflicted upon them, those who are oppressed so that they can have no freedom of conscience or speech

For the Church

For all Christian and other faiths which are being persecuted either by governments or secular ideology which undermine the Christian faith and values. Pray that all faith may come to realise that only through peace can their be true and lasting peace which is the aspiration of all.


Pray for our leaders, that they may govern with wisdom and humanity. That by their action and policies we may have a society which is a community of care and love for neighbour. Pray that power does not harden the heart of leaders but that they may rule with compassion for the many and not the few.

As the universal church if we take a few minutes very day to pray for our needs and the needs of the world then perhaps we can make a change to our world so please pray.

Religious Link

On this page we will provide links to various resources. Links to other Parishes in the Diocese, Educational links, and Links to international sites including the Vatican.

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